The Grace Effect“The ‘grace effect’ is an observable phenomenon: Life is demonstrably better where authentic Christianity flourishes.”

Secularists and atheists say that religion – Christianity in particular – offers us nothing of value.  They say the world would be better off without it.  But could the life of one little orphan from the Ukraine turn all their arguments upside down?

In this powerful, personal account, Larry Taunton introduces us to Sasha, a young girl whose early life was shaped by atheistic theorists in the former Soviet Union.  Sasha’s story of redemption exposes the soul-destroying influence of unbelief and offers us a timely warning of what America will look like in a post-Christian age.  But Sasha’s story also convincingly reveals the transformative power of God’s grace in the world.

“Brilliant, deeply moving.  Atheists must assiduously avoid exposure to stories like this one.” – Eric Metaxas, author of Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy

“A very, very powerful book.” – Gayle Trotter, First Things

The Grace Effect is available everywhere books and e-books are sold.